Customer Feedback

This is some of the feedback we have received from satisfied customers. Send us a note to have it included here!


I just wanted to write to say that I just received the 3 snow tubes that I ordered and although I haven't inflated them yet, they look amazing. I hate that I have to wait till Christmas to give them to the kids but I can tell you right now that they will be over the moon when they see them. The quality of the material is outstanding and the colors are nice and bright. I am extremely happy with this purchase and want to thank you for putting together such a high quality product. I have seen and used other snow tubes as well as researched quite a bit on-line before making this purchase. Your snow-tubes are by far, the best deal, and the best quality to be found.

Thank you,

Shawn Kittery, Maine.



"Your Snow Tube is a great Christmas gift in more than one way. It drove Noah, my 9 year old son, crazy every day while it was wrapped under the tree. First off he had no idea he was getting one and the box was big and heavy. Every day he would have a new idea what was in the box and made it known he was opening it first Christmas  morning.The thing I liked about it as a gift is it isn't a toy one week later gets put up and never played with again. He will be able to use his Snow Tube for as long as he wishes. Which is why I decided to go with the commercial tube and after receiving it I am more than happy with my decision. The difference in price is well worth it in the long run.

When he opened it up Christmas morning he was ecstatic. We had just went snowboarding a few days before and he saw the tubes at the tube park while we were at the slopes. Noah said, "That is what kind of Snow Tube I need. I bet it will not bust like all the other ones we get".  I smiled knowing he had one under his tree and said, "Maybe we can look into buying one next year".

We don't get a lot of snow here in Tennessee but we get a little. The first snow Noah was able to ride his tube we laid it on the living room floor and followed the simple directions supplied with the Snow Tube and aired it up, very simple process. Noah said, "How big is it going to get. This is going to be awesome." He read the measurements in the directions and headed to the garage for the tape measure, he loves to measure things. I would air the Snow Tube up and he would check the measurements. When the Snow Tube was at its proper measurements we flipped it over and I showed him how to wax it. Being curious as Noah is he asked, "What does the wax do".  I told him it helps the Snow Tube slide over the snow better. Noah said, "It makes it faster, awesome". He waxes the Snow Tube himself now whenever he uses it. On Noahs first run down the hill I could tell he was going faster than the other tubes and toboggans the other kids were using and the proof was when he slid farther than anyone else. When he walked/dashed back to the top of the hill he said, "Did you see me. I was flying. That was awesome. Thanks for getting this for me." Then Noah gave me a big hug. Thanks Andy. 2-16-11"


December, 2010...

"By the way, I just want to thank you for all the joy you have brought my family and our friends. We have one of the best sliding hills in Saint Croix County Wisconsin, and we try to share it as much as possible. We currently own six of your tubes, and they have brought a lot of smiles to a lot of faces. This year we built a rope tow, and so now we need more tubes! Jeff."

I purchased a snow tube from you last year. I used it all last winter and this winter. We live in Wisconsin and my wife works full time for Elkhart Lake's Road America, The president decided to have The First Annual Road America Snow Celebration. Long story short we were tubing on the front stretch of the track and my tube was the one every one wanted to ride. I know of at least one person who is going to purchase a tube from you. Your tubes are the best, thanks for making a good durable product. John and Deb Hayward



Thanks for your great customer service on the phone guys sound like the kind of business I just love to work with. Please email me a bottom line figure for the 4 snow tubes when you have a minute.

We started out looking for tubes for our two daughters' boyfriends for Christmas, and were startled to find a) that all of the tubes seem to be made for little kids, with ugly, garish yellow and red designs on them, and b) that the ones for serious people cost $130 to 170. Then we found you. So we did the obvious: buy one each for all four of the kids (OK, not quite kids...they are all 19 - 21). Now, if the girls wimp out because it's too cold, I can take a tube and hit the dunes with the boys!

Thanks, again.

Jerry Hurtubise
Homewood, IL


Tim: We opened this past weekend with our old tubes and the one sample you sent us. It was a near riot trying to give everyone a chance to try it, I can't wait to see 225 beautiful blue tubes sailing down the unison.
Maggie Hall , Badlands Sno-park. Wisconsin.


I had recently purchased two rental/commercial tubes from you. I just received them and was able to open the package to take a look....they are a gift for my brother and sister-in-law who own a large cabin in the northern counties of PA. I was very impressed....WOW, these are going to be great!! Such quality and workmanship. I think we'll have these a lifetime. I just wanted to thank you and let you know how happy I am with my purchase.
Happy Holidays!

Hello , In the past, I have called businesses to complain about poor product quality , bad customer service or to get information on returning the product. But after receiving 2 of your 44" Transport Snowtubes, I find myself for the first time ever, calling to thank a business for making such a great product. These are going to be great for my kids and family. Keep up the good work.
Bill R. East Greenbush, NY


Just a note to say thanks for the quick shipping . We picked up the box with the three Rental/commercial snowtubes today at our post office here in Anchorage . As I mentioned before on the phone, I had called 2 other
Snowtube dealers in the lower 48 and was quoted $248.00 for shipping from one, and the other seller would not even ship to Alaska. Your getting them to us in 3 days for only $36.00 by Priority mail has made for a very Merry
Christmas. Thank you so much.
Anchorage Alaska